We’re already well into Autumn, and the temperature and the leaves are falling. Depending on where you live, your lawn could have been through a long hot summer, suffered through cloudy humid conditions or even been underwater. Whatever the conditions, our lawn deserves a bit of TLC before it gets much cooler.

Wondering how to care for your lawn in Autumn? Here’s a few suggestions:


Maximise the growth time your lawn has before the cold winter months by applying a slow release granular fertiliser. This will slowly break down and release nutrients for up to 3 months.


If left, summer weeds will die off themselves in winter, however you’ll be left with bare patches in your lawn as it’ll be too cool for the grass to grow and heal the lawn. Prevent this by removing weeds now before it’s too cool – either by hand weeding or using appropriate weed killers.


Backyard cricket games and other lawn activities, combined with the heat of the summer sun, tend to compact the soil beneath your lawn. Aeration, which is the perforation of the soil, allows nutrients, oxygen and water to reach the roots of the grass. There are many tools available for aerating, from mower attachments for large properties, to walk behind aerators to aerator shoes that you can stomp around the backyard in!


Before it gets too cool, mild Autumn conditions are ideal for laying turf and getting the root system established. It’s easier to keep the turf hydrated in Autumn than in the heat of summer.


Your mowing frequency will drop as the days get shorter and cooler, however its still important to ensure you keep to lawn even. If the lawn doesn’t need mowing but you have a leaf problem, raise the cutting height of the mower, fit the catcher and use it like a vacuum cleaner.

Take the time to ensure your mower blades are clean and sharp. Also, check the oil and spark plus as per your service book. A well-maintained mower gives you a quality cut.


Although the days are getting cooler, your lawn can still dry out – strong winds work the same as a hot day. Always avoid watering immediately before or after mowing to reduce stress on the lawn. Try not to let it sit wet overnight to reduce fungus growth. Giving your lawn a good deep water once or twice a week during Autumn will help it say green as it heads into Winter.

Bonus tip… consider how much shade your lawn is going to receive. Trim back vegetation that might block sunlight, damage your lawn and affect how quickly it will bounce back come spring. Leaf cover over the autumn months can also limit the amount of sunlight the lawn receives. Less sunlight means less energy & growth meaning that it will potentially grow back patchy and with weeds.

Reference: https://lawnsolutionsaustralia.com.au/lawn-care/autumn-lawn-care/ 

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