Spring is almost here, Hallelujah!

Your hands may be itching to get out into the sunshine and get that garden raring to go before the start of September but our best advice is to hold off until the days warm up a bit and the frosty mornings are a memory. There is plenty to do before the birds start singing to get yourself ready for planting.

This winter has been an extra chilly one and with that our lawns and gardens are looking a little sad. Below are a few steps you can take to get ready for planting season:

  1. Oil and clean up your garden tools 
    Clean up and oil your wooden garden tools

    Clean up your garden tools

  2. Make sure your mowers and powered equipment have been serviced and are in working order

  3. Clean up and clear any debris around garden paths and edging – great for the compost bin

    Trim debris around garden paths and edging

    Trim debris around garden paths and edging

  4. Trim back and rid your gardens of any dead wood and leaves

  5. Get rid of those pesky weeds

    Get rid of pesky weeks from your lawn

    Pesky weeds that have established themselves over winter.

The aim is to make your garden and lawn as clean and clear as possible before the season warms up so you can swoop in with your new seeds and bulbs. Getting rid of dead waste and pruning your trees, shrubs and hedges allows for the soil and lawn to soak in as much sunshine as possible before you can fertilize and prepare your garden beds for planting.

Clearing the weeds away is important, best to try and get this done as the colder weather sets in as weeds stop grass growth and will strangle anything as it takes over. You will see that once you remove the weeds that the grass underneath is damp and brown. Removing all your weeds allows aeration as well the sun to penetrate the ground and activate lawn growth.

Following these simple steps will help you get ready for a blooming great Spring!

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