Collecting leaves from your yard is more beneficial than you might think. The following article explains why you should keep your lawn clear from leaves and benefit from using the leaf mulch to keep your garden healthy.

Is Collecting Leaves Good for Your Lawn?

Your grass is a living organism, requiring both air and sunlight to create food, and grow. Allowing leaves to gather on your lawn will prevent sunlight from reaching the grass, therefore suffocating it. A layer of leaves can also prevent fresh water reaching the root system. Fungus and disease grow beneath the leaves, thriving in the damp, cool conditions. Leaving leaf matter on the lawn for even a few short weeks may be enough to damage the grass and result in a muddy mess.

Similarly, in less extreme cases, as the grass becomes weaker because of the lack of sunlight it’s getting, weeds start to grow and take it’s place. These weeds can then spread rapidly leaving your garden looking messy and unkempt.

Why is Collecting Leaves Necessary?

Fallen leaves cause more practical problems too. They can clog up and cover drains, preventing rainwater form washing away. In periods of heavy rain, this water may pool and cause areas around your home to flood. Wet leaves also create an additional risk because they become slippery. If trodden on, they may cause the individual to fall, hurting themselves. 

How a Walker Mower Collects Leaves from Your Lawn

The Walker Mower was designed with a unique grass collection system that acts like a vacuum cleaner on your lawn. When leaves build up on the lawn, the mower blades lift the leaves off the grass and direct them to the powerful blower situated with the chassis of the mower. The blower forcefully transfers the leaf matter into the large plastic catcher box, packing a large volume of leaves in for easy disposal.

What Can You Do With the Leaves?

Leaves are fantastic fuel for your garden and can be used to make a nutritious mulch, an invaluable organic compost material which most plants will benefit from. Mixing the grass clippings and leaves will help give your plants and garden a boost all year round.

If You Can’t Collect the Leaves, Mulch Them.

If you can’t collect the leaves, the next best option is to use the Walker mulching system to cut the leaf matter into small pieces. This will limit the build-up of a layer of leaf material that can suffocate the grass. By mulching the leaves into small pieces, they will break down quicker into the soil.

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