Autumn Lawn Care

We’re already well into Autumn, and the temperature and the leaves are falling. Depending on where you live, your lawn could have been through a long hot summer, suffered through cloudy humid conditions or even been underwater. Whatever the conditions, our lawn deserves a bit of TLC before it gets much cooler.

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Why Collect Leaves?

Collecting leaves from your yard is more beneficial than you might think. The following article explains why you should keep your lawn clear from leaves and benefit from using the leaf mulch to keep your garden healthy. Is Collecting Leaves Good for Your Lawn? Your grass is a living organism, requiring both air and sunlight […]

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Everything you need to know about Grass

Everything You Need To Know About Grass (find out what type of grass you have) How much do you know about your lawn?  In Australia, there are two main types of lawn varieties: cool-season grasses warm-season grasses Cool Season Grasses Cool-season grasses retain their colour and continue to grow throughout the winter while the growth […]

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Local Government Procurement Approved contractor

SME Mowers (parent company of the Walker Mowers Australia brand) is now an approved Supplier on LGP (Local Government Procurement)! This means that all brands distributed by SME Mowers can be purchased by councils & government departments in NSW without going through the tender process. LGP focuses on creating procurement efficiencies and building procurement expertise, […]

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