What Makes Walker Ride On Mower Model T Series Special


The Walker Model T is one of our most powerful and versatile mowers. Have you have ever wished for one commercial mower that could handle virtually any job you could imagine? So have we, and we call it the Walker Model T.


Model T In Depth.

The Walker Model T is one of our most powerful and versatile riding mowers that cuts grass beautifully.  It’s no wonder the T23, T25i and T30i have been mainstays among commercial operators for decades.

    • the T23 features a 23 horsepower Kohler Command Pro engine
    • the T25 I introduces electronic fuel injection with a 25 horsepower Kohler delphi EFI and
    • the T30i offers top-of-the-line power with a 30 horsepower EFI liquid cooled Kohler Aegeus engine. (special orders only)

All Model T ride on mowers come standard with

    • remote engine air filtration,
    • 7 gallon (26.5 litre) fuel tanks,
    • easy-to-read gauges,
    • a shock mounted instrument panel, and
    • a number of configurable add-ons.

The patented Walker Grass Handling System (GHS) consists of an internal 10.5 inch grass handling blower and a 10.0 bushel grass catcher with proven powerful technology allowing you to vacuum up grass clippings, leaves and debris, leaving a clean manicured lawn in any season.

A non collection configuration is also available for those who love the Model T line, but do not need to collect clippings or debris. Including a useful duct bed, the MT non collection becomes a powerful workhorse for a variety of chores around the property.  No matter which engine option you choose the Walker Model T will quickly become the go-to mower in your fleet.

In the early 90s the Model T introduced commercial V-twin power to the original compact Walker mower.  Even with its impressive power options and 10.0 bushel catcher, the Model T is the most compact mower of its class. The instrument panel features:

    • warning lights
    • horn for oil pressure and engine temperature
    • ignition switch
    • voltmeter
    • hour meter
    • service light and
    • an optional light switch.

If you are looking for a single machine that will handle any property maintenance challenge you face, give the model T a close look.

Like all Walker Mowers, the Model T benefits from the distinctive Walker true floating deck, allowing it to flex side to side and articulate front to back, while gliding smoothly over turf.  This translates into less scalping and a more even cut.  Above all, a lawn mower should do one thing well, cut grass beautifully.  The Model T does exactly that.

Not only does the Model T deliver the Walker signature beautiful cut, but it does so with impressive productivity.  With it’s

    • powerful engine options,
    • dual independent drive transmissions,
    • precision steering and handling,
    • balance and agility,

The Model T can be substantially more productive than its competition in any application.  When you introduce a Model T to your mowing fleet, you win back precious time on every job.

All Walker mowers are designed to take the punishment dished out by professionals who use their mowers 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, providing 3,000 to 5,000 hours of durability.  Every Walker chassis and deck is designed for durability and performance.

Walker mowers are built in Fort Collins Colorado USA, with combined precision equipment and hands-on attention to detail, resulting in a premium mower that gives superior results you can be proud of.

Commercial grade machines require maintenance, and no machine makes routine maintenance as simple as the Walker.  The tilt up deck lifts in seconds providing safe and easy access for blade maintenance and deck cleaning.  The tilt open body gives access to internal components like drive belts, which can be easily removed and replaced in the field without tools.  All belts are tensioned by self adjusting spring-loaded idlers.  You’ll have peace of mind with the Walker gimmick free warranty covering all parts and labour for one year with extended coverage on all engines and drive trains.

With 18 compatible decks ranging from 36 to 74 inches a model-t mower can be configured to suit any mowing situation.  If you’re discharging, mulching or collecting grass clippings, the Model T leaves a signature Walker cut in a single pass.  The splined PTO(Power Taker Off) drive shaft with quick disconnect coupler makes it possible to swap out one Walker mowing deck with another in a matter of minutes.

Quick change decks not only unlock tremendous mowing flexibility, but they also open up year-round versatility by allowing the model-t mower to power our productive implements and attachments. The Model T is compatible with a full collection of year-round add on’s including:

    • snowblowers,
    • dozer blades,
    • loader bucket,
    • rotary broom,
    • debris blower,
    • dethatcher and
    • boom sprayer deck attachment.

No matter what season it is, the Model T will ensure you can handle every mowing and maintenance challenge thrown your way.

Like all Walker mowers, the Model T is highly configurable with numerous factory and dealer installed options, including:

    • a variety of tyre upgrades,
    • seat and armrests options,
    • headlights,
    • tail wheels and tail weights,
    • deck height adjuster and
    • the power dump and high dump add-ons.

Imagine not leaving the operator seat until it’s time to load the truck and move on to the next job. Have you ever wished for one commercial mower that could handle virtually any job you could imagine?

So have we, and we call it the Walker Model T.


Call Walker Mowers Australia today on 1800 088 567, to schedule a no-obligation demonstration to try a T23 or T25i on your property.

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