Walker Advantage Productivity Property Studies

4 Properties, 12 Mowers, 42 Weeks. The results are in.


1. Rigden Farms Community Center

0.48 Acres, 20,909 sq. feet, Kentucky Blue Grass
The Rigden Farms Community Center is the perfect application of commercial mowing where quality of cut paired with grass collection is critical. The property has multiple fences, narrow gates, landscaped trees, and that narrow swath of grass between the sidewalk and street we all love so much.


2. Platte River Power Authority

1.14 Acres, 49,658 sq. feet, Kentucky Blue Grass
Platte River offers a few challenges for the commercial operator. While it does have lots of wide open mowing, it has a 20° hill with trees at its crest along with tightly clustered landscape rocks. In addition to open productivity capability, a well matched mower for this property needs excellent trimming capabilities and a flexible deck design.


3. Timberline Church

2.77 Acres, 120,661 sq. feet, Kentucky Blue Grass
Timberline Church is the ideal property for wide open, high speed, discharge or mulching mowing. It features a large open lawn with a culvert running its length, two lamp posts, and perimeter trees to be trimmed. For a mower to excel here it needs to operate at high speed while maintaining maneuverability and a beautiful cut.


4. Moonglow Drive

0.07 Acres, 3,049 sq. feet, Kentucky Blue Grass
Moonglow Drive is the typical residential lawn with lots of tight spaces, a 42″ back yard gate opening, and landscaped beds. For most other brands, a commercial riding mower is not an option here, but with the compact Walker mower getting on and off this lawn in a matter of minutes is a breeze.

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