A Healthy Mower Requires Regular Servicing: Does Your Mower Need a Service?


Get a head start on Spring by having your Walker serviced in the off season. Neglecting a service can create serious problems.

Here are the main points in the flyer:

1.  Poor blade quality, which means exposing your beautiful lawn to a bad cut, leading to disease and weeds.

2.  Reduced longevity of your mower with irregular maintenance.

3.  Unbalanced blades, causing vibrations when mowing and leading to more serious problems such as premature wear of spindle bearings .

4.  Regular services on your Walker guarantee a healthier lawn and maximum longevity of your mower.


Schedule your Walker Mower service this Winter to receive 5% off Walker Parts in June, July or August 2018, excluding engine parts and hydros.

Talk to your local Walker dealer or call us on 1800 088 567 to discuss how you can benefit from this Great Winter Incentive and have your Walker Mower primed and ready for the start of Spring.

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