Mow Your Own Lawn Like A Pro

A beautiful property often means having extensive acreage. And if you have a pristine lawn, you’ll need to keep it that way or weeds can quickly overrun your garden.

You also need proper lawn maintenance to keep your lawn healthy. So, use lawn care tools that are perfect to maintain that landscaped and pristine acreage.

Walker Mower Advantage


Seasonal attachments for versatility

Walker Mowers can be used for multiple lawn-care functions and provide efficient lawn care all year round.

Made for landscaped lawns.

Walker Mowers are designed for unobstructed trimming without ruining the landscape.

Agile design.

Our Walker Mower lawn equipment is built to efficiently manoeuvre through your acreage without damaging the grass, maintaining your beautiful lawn in less time.

Experience the advantages of Walker Mowers today!

Our range of Walker ride -on lawn mowers are designed to give a beautiful cut on a landscaped property. Lightweight and agile, they don’t damage the grass or leave unsightly tracks. The front-mounted deck is built to follow ground contours, resulting in a more consistent, almost carpet-like finish, and with our zero turn lawn mower, you can quickly and efficiently mow your lawn and enjoy your property.

Low centre of gravity.

Our range of mowers has a low centre of gravity that maximises tractor/operator balance and safety whilst providing excellent hillside performance.

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