Mowers Meant for the Professionals

Professional lawn contractors know that getting the job done right and quickly is what matters most. If tools breakdown during the contract, it won’t just delay their work – it may also leave a bad impression on the clients. So, when it comes to getting the right mowing equipment for the job, cutting corners is not an option.

Here at Walker Mowers, we offer a complete package of commercial lawn mowing equipment and solutions meant for professionals. Our series of ride-on lawn mowers are known for their efficiency and ease of handling, and they’re built to work for prolonged periods in Australia’s harsh climate.

Here’s what you can expect from a Walker Mower:


Double your ROI in 12 months

Multiple field tests show that the Walker Mower performs between 10% and 25% more efficiently than other leading brands.

Cost-effective mowing solution

Intensely landscaped lawns can have unique features that require specialised equipment. But Walker Mowers’ swappable decks can help you tackle these terrain challenges. You can switch between a collecting, mulching and discharge deck, so you don’t need to buy multiple ride-on mowers to get the job done.

Gain client referrals

Using a Walker Mower guarantees a clean and beautiful cut. It will allow you to trim untamed urban lawns with ease and delight your clients who will recommend your services to their friends and neighbours.

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