Choose the Right Mower for the Job

When you’re looking for mowing equipment in local council procurement, there are many bid requirements to consider. With a focus on quality and performance, the decision can be easy.

Walker Mowers is committed to providing councils and fleet operators with high-quality, safe and reliable mowing machines that minimise downtime. We help your teams work faster and improve the bottom line/ROI.

Here at Walker Mowers, we offer special programmes to help local councils achieve perfect ground-care solutions with pristine cuts and immaculate landscaping.

Why choose Walker Mowers?

We are focused on providing services and programmes that will keep you up and running. Here are a few reasons you should choose a Walker:

Unique deck design

  • Floating design. With Walker Mowers, only a fraction of the tractor’s weight is carried by the deck wheels compared to the competition.
  • Exceptional Reach. The Walker Mower deck delivers a 15–35% reach advantage over competitive out-front models.
  • Light and Durable. The deck engineering and design favour structural integrity over excess metal and weight.

Improved productivity

  • Its compact size gives you the ability to mow challenging properties easily and efficiently.
  • It features an operator-friendly combination of fingertip steering and forward speed control.
  • Fast, easy and accurate, with the ability to trim on both sides.
  • Comfortable and designed for safe operation and, of course, a beautiful cut.

Interested in purchasing from the Walker Mowers product range? Let us help you with what you need to satisfy your local council mowing requirements. Just fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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