Height Adjuster

The mechanical deck height adjuster allows for quick and easy cutting height adjustments in 1/4 inch increments without leaving the operator’s seat. This item is a dealer-installed kit and is available for 36”, 42”, 48”, 52”, 56”, and 62” gear-driven decks.

Deck Compatibility

  • DC36R, DS36, DM36: P/N A22
  • DC42, DC42R, DM42, DM42A, DM42B, DS42: P/N A23
  • DC48, DM48, DS48: P/N A24
  • DC48R, DC52R: P/N A25
  • DS52: P/N A26
  • DS56: P/N A28
  • DS62: P/N A27
Sold By Walker Mowers Australia - Zero Turn Mowers
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