Now that the end of winter is near, many lawn mowing professionals are now gearing up for spring. Many contractors are just waiting for the season’s end because they know that it is almost impossible to find a job at this time. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use this time to keep you mowing business active. 


So, what can a respectable lawn mowing company owner can do to keep the company productive during this time of year? Find out more on this article.


Preparing for Spring: What Lawn Mowing Contractors Can Do 


Lawn mowing is a business that peaks during the warm season but comes to a halt during the winter months. Most contractors often resort to using the profits while not being productive during this time. But, did you know that there are many activities that contractors can do to keep their business busy?


Here’s what enterprising business owners can do in preparation for spring.


Build Up Your Client List through Incentives


Don’t be afraid of calling your existing clients even if it’s the last few weeks of winter. Most contractors know that clients wouldn’t usually contact them for any lawn mowing contracts. But, perhaps, some customers are simply unaware that you still provide mowing services and thus hesitate to call. 


Additionally, you may also give them incentives, like a 10 AUD discount on their next mowing contract, should they refer you to someone else.


Offer Seasonal Services


Many lawn mowing contractors don’t offer winter pruning services, especially in Australia. But, things aren’t always the same as the climate. 


The cold front that swept across eastern Australia this year left hundreds, if not thousands of lawns filled with frosted and brittle flora [ITV]. Just imagine how many homeowners would have loved it if your company offered tree pruning or even lawn clearing services.

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Calculate Your Taxes and Overhead Costs


Making sure that your company stays afloat can be daunting during the slowest season. But, by calculating your expenses and cutting the overhead, you can make it through the last leg of the cold season. In addition, this will help you understand your businesses’ strengths, its revenue flow, and problem areas that need to be addressed.


Familiarise Yourself with the Latest Mowing Tools


It takes time to become familiar with the latest tools and technologies. But, taking the time to learn new tools, like a new lawn mowing app or a commercial zero turn mower, can help you get ahead of your competitors [CNET].


Upgrade Your Essential Mowing Equipment


Spending during the winter months is a difficult choice for most business owners. But, it may be the right time to take a closer look at your equipment and upgrade them if needed. Making sure that your commercial mowers, grass cutters, and gas cans are in peak condition will help you take the initiative come spring. This will also make sure that you are ready to go when the first client calls.


Make the Most Out of your Mower Services Until Winter Ends


Ensuring your lawn mowing company thrives during the winter season gave you such a daunting task already. But with your exceptional dedication, wit, and a little bit of planning,  you had successfully made it through with flying clours. Mostly, you will be well-equipped to handle the influx of clients when the spring season begins, if you do make it right.


So, if you would like to be at the top of the industry, then it is best to prepare your commercial lawn mowing equipment for the upcoming season. Contact a trusted lawn mowing equipment provider to help you prepare your company for the next season. 




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