Lawns that are lush are more than just beautiful – it is healthy and improves the surrounding air quality. But, with the dreaded winter, lawns are not easy to maintain which makes it more prone to damages. If not taken care of during winter, you might be surprised to see brown patches and even bald spots on the lawn by spring. 


That leads us back to you! You’re frustrated, scared or even both about on how to deal with these post-winter woes on your lawn. 


Here are top tips to ensure that the lawn stays healthy throughout winter and get ready for springtime.




Since the grass won’t be able to gain enough nutrients during winter, it is important to fertilise before the cold season. During winter, the grassroots store these nutrients so that it is ready by springtime. Note that too much fertiliser can cause more harm than good, so apply only the recommended amount.


Soil Aeration


Provide extra air at the grassroots through soil aeration. This will give your lawn a chance to breathe before going dormant. To do this, simply work with a pitchfork or garden fork into the soil a few centimetres. That way, water and fertiliser can easily penetrate the lawn.

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Raise Garden Mower Cutting Height


Since grass grows much slower in the cold months, it’s best to mow less often. Don’t cut the grass lower than 2.5 cm to prevent “scalping” the lawn. Scalping means cutting the grass too low to the point that it exposes the stems. This is risky since it weakens the grass and allows weeds and disease to take over.  


Avoid watering


During winter, keep an eye on the moisture level by feeling the thatch. Avoid watering unless it’s very dry. If needed, water only in the morning. The lawn that stays wet will get damaged and rot once it gets cold. 


Now your lawn is winter-proof and you’re ready for spring.


The question is, are your equipment good for some spring-time mowing? Lawn mowing equipment will be taking a longer break during winter. It’s the best time to sharpen the blades, check spark plugs, and air filters. That way, it is ready by springtime.


If not and you’re planning on getting a new mower, contact a trusted garden lawn mower provider now to see the most reliable and fitting model to your needs.






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