If you’ve ever tried to draw a straight line or a perfect circle, you’ll know it’s not that easy. And the same is true for mowing the perfect striped lawn. But, achieving this look isn’t just for our biggest sporting ovals – you can give it a go too! Here are some hints and tips for those of us dedicated to creating and maintaining a pristine striped lawn.



1. It’s going to take time and effort unless you have the right equipment.


A picturesque lawn requires regular maintenance. The right mower for your block is really going to help cut down the time it takes to mow and should give you the results you want. A Walker Mower, for example, is going to do a completely different job than the rough and tough Razorback brush mowers. Using a premium quality zero-turn mower, you can efficiently produce a natural stripe on your lawn.


2. A healthy lawn is important. 


Sure, it’s a no brainer but striping won’t look good on a patchy, weedy covered or discoloured lawn. Regular weeding, feeding and watering ensure that it will grow lush and green. You must also remember that the stripes will disappear as the grass grows, so it will only last a couple of days in the growing season. 


3. Mowing direction matters.


Stripes appear as the light reflects off the grass-blade, so blades that are bent towards you will look dark, and those that bend in the opposite direction will appear lighter. Another point to remember is to go over the lawn a few times, ensuring you follow the same direction, to make the striping more pronounced.


4. The length of your grass makes a difference.


It’s better to mow your lawn regularly and take less off each time you mow. The rule of thumb, try not to cut more than 1/3 of the grass length. 


5. Maintain your mower.


Make sure that the mower blades are sharp to prevent a ‘frayed’ look. Dull blades can also expose the plants to diseases and cause brown patches on the lawn.


6. Practice makes perfect.


As a rule of thumb, mow one line down the centre of your lawn as a guide. Then continue mowing either side of that line in opposite directions, one up and the next down, for example. If you need something straight to get you started, try using fence lines as a guide. 


7. Criss-cross or Diagonal stripe patterns?


Once you’re comfortable with mowing in straight lines, you can start practising with a criss-cross or diamond pattern. To achieve this tricky but beautiful look, mow once in a stripe pattern and then, go over it diagonally to achieve the criss-cross. Be careful when turning at the end of each row to avoid damaging the lawn.


8. Checkerboard Striping.


First, follow the directions to make a complete set of straight lawn stripes. When your straight rows are finished, lift the mower deck and turn to mow a second set of stripes at right angles to the first. Finally, finish by mowing a strip around the perimeter of the lawn to help hide any turn marks. 


9. Dealing with tricky or tight areas.


Lawn striping with a mower should be done carefully especially when turning tight corners. Compact and agile zero-turn mowers are perfect for landscaped acreages. Walker Mowers, for example, is light on the grass and easy to manoeuvre, giving you a beautiful cut and natural stripes.


10. Getting around an obstacle.


To make stripes in a lawn with a tree, flagpole, flowerbed or other unmovable objects in your path, just mow around it – again an agile mower is going to help. Then, when you turn around to cut in the opposite direction, mow over any unwanted turn marks to keep the stripes looking even. Plus, if you want to keep a neatly manicured finish, it is best to use a collection mower to avoid dropping cuttings on your newly striped lawn.




Besides being the envy of your neighbourhood and drawing attention to your landscape’s focal points, like, gazebos, water feature, or a special tree; grass striping can also help keep your grass healthy. 


If you want more inspiration, visit Walker Mowers TODAY to find out more about our mower models for residential use.





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