Patented Walker Grass Handling System



The Walker Model T is one of our most powerful and versatile mowers. Have you have ever wished for one commercial mower that could handle virtually any job you could imagine? So have we, and we call it the Walker Model T.


Walker Grass Handling System In Depth.


The Walker Grass Handling System, (GHS) provides an industry-leading clean, Beautiful Cut via a powerful vacuum action. The powerful vacuum action handles grass and debris through the centre of the machine, without bulky tubes or bags.


The Walker GHS (Grass Handling System), achieves the industry leading clean, Beautiful Cut through 3 main innovative components:

    • Internal Vacuum Chute
    • Powerful 10 or 10.5 inch Blower
    • Oscillating Powerfil ™

The high speed fine tip cutting blades cut the grass very finely which is sucked through the Vacuum Chute to the large catcher by a powerful 10 or 10.5 inch Blower. The cut grass or lawn debris, such as leaves, is then evenly dispersed in the catcher (hopper) to maximise the volume the catcher can hold instead of filling up one area and then blocking the catcher from obtaining its full volume load. A sensor is activated to alert the operator when the catcher is almost full to completely full so that the operator can determine when they will cease mowing before they need to empty the catcher.

The Walker GHS, (Grass Handling System), is available in 3 options:

    • Manual unloading of catcher
    • PowerDump™ (operated by a switch and automatically lifts the catcher and unloads the cut grass or cut lawn debris automatically)
    • Hi-Dump™ (operated by a switch and automatically lifts the catcher to clear a height of 72 inches or 170cm to unload the cut grass or cut lawn debris automatically into a walled trailer etc in a 20 second cycle)


The Hi-Dump™ is the culminating element of the GHS (Grass Handling System) able to clear 170cm height, saving you a minimum of 15% in time, making you much more productive.

There is no other commercial lawn mower that can handle material this well. If you want the properties you mow to have a nicely manicured look, then you need to buy a Walker Ride On Mower.

Call 1800 088 567 today to find your local Walker Dealer! Don’t forget to ask for a free onsite demo so you can see how well a Walker Ride On Mower will leave your lawn with a Beautiful Cut and save you time as well. Call 1800 088 567 today!



Walker mowers are built in Fort Collins Colorado USA, with combined precision equipment and hands-on attention to detail, resulting in a premium mower that gives superior results you can be proud of.



Call Walker Mowers Australia today on 1800 088 567, to schedule a no-obligation demonstration to try a T23 or T25i on your property.

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